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Real story about me and my Leukemia cat. 

Last 2 years ago my cat look really skinny. I think it's look very unusual. She is always a happy cat and always love food. At that time I was teaching in one of the collage in Bangkok. I don't have much time to look after her or noticed the change in her until she lost 3 kg, from original 6 kg. I took her to check everything and found that she have kidney disease. She don't eat or drink at all. I  have no choice at that time. I make decision to quite my job and look after her, feed her 3 times a day.

At that time I start to look for a job from home. I do some investment on PTC site, and crypto trade and sell some stuff online. But after 1 and a half year later, situation get more worse. When doctor inform me she also has Leukemia. Now what to do? I ask doctor. He told me I was too late to cure her, she might can stay just another 5 days. At that moment I was thinking about my dog that also pass away from cancer last year. I have tried all product that claim, that it will help recover from cancer. But my dog couldn't make it. He was suffered and my dog was crying.He don't want to die. My family and I was so depressed for his lost and we really miss him. I was thinking for alternative way to safe my cat. But this time I was lucky. I found one of the page sharing story of cat cancer treatment. I right away make a call. I ask a lot of questions about product. I think to myself, this product is too good to be true, this seller might be scam. As everyone know cancer can't be cure. But I see also a few review from user. I decided to order product right away. It's was my last hope, why not? I feed Beta Glucan  gel to my cat for 5 days with my hope that she will get better.

This is unbelievable, my cat she start to walk around the house, drink a bit water. She was looking better everyday. After 3 months. I take her to another hospital and check. And doctor said she is fine nothing wrong with her at all, only you need to put her on diet ^^ . Wow I'm shocked.  Now my lovely cat still enjoying her food and chubby. I also have another 7 cats that I adopted them from street. They never get sick, because I also give them Beta Glucan gel to prevent sickness. After my cat recover from sickness.My new career has started. I apply for distributor of beta glucan gel Maho from Japan .

It's was so different from selling other stuff I used to sell. People call me from reading my article. Yes I have profit from selling and what I really like is, I really enjoy selling this product. I fell I can help or safe other life as well. And most of my customer are elder ,cancer patient and some wired sickness patient, dog and cat. But I will have to tell the truth as well. This product is not a medicine. It's 100% from natural. Some people can't make it if they are taking this gel too late. I will always tell my customer this is a good product if  use it fast enough, you will be fine.  Most of my customer, they are mostly can't be cure from present treatment. I always their last choice. And mostly ,feed back always " if I know sooner^^" Sorry for my English not perfect  ^^ I hope you all understand.

Maho Beta Glucan 1,3-1,6 Gel gives you many benefits, for example: #Boost up body’s immune system as well as increase anti-boy, which will relieve allergies Lower cholesterol and blood sugar so it is good for diabetes patients Help cancer patients recover from cancer treatment and decrease the side-effect of anticancer drugs Relieve inflamed from or contagious skin from injury or medical operation by applying it on those areas or consume it Relieve Leukemia, Thalassemia, Thrombocytopenia and hypertension #Not only human who can use Maho Beta Glucan 1,3-1,6 Gel, but also mammals with backbone. So, it is also effective in cats and dogs which are suffered from cancer, Leukemia, cold and etc. My current clients are either suffering from cancer or their pets are. Most of them told me they used to take Beta Glucan in the form of pill before. It is expensive but, it didn’t work. Once they tried Maho Beta Glucan 1,3-1,6 Gel, they could see the result and they continue ordering it to get the better result. If you would like to help your beloved one recovering from disease as well as strengthen their health, you can contact me anytime via Facebook page “Maho Bera Glucan 1,3-1,6 Made in Japan” or contact me from my website.

Have you ever almost lost someone you love because of disease?                 

My cat suffered from kidney disease and she had to take a fluid replacement therapy every day for year and a half. Moreover, she also suffered from Leukemia. A doctor told me that she couldn’t make it in 5 days. I myself had to feed her because she couldn’t eat. However, now she can eat normally and is chubby and tubby. Of course, she has recovered from the diseases thanks to “Maho Beta Glucan 1,3-1,6 Gel”, from Japan.                 Beta Glucan 1,3-1,6 is obtained from Aureobasidium strain of black yeast from Japan.  It is categorized as the dietary fiber and a type of polysaccharide. Through the unique biotechnology with no chemical purification or extraction, you can be assured that Maho Beta Glucan 1,3-1,6 Gel is a natural and unprocessed food supplement that is 100% safe with worldwide research guaranteed. As it is in the form of ‘gel’, you can both consume it and apply it on your skin. It will be absorbed into our body easily because the body of people consists of water up to 70%.                

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